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Two birds one cuppa...

January 17, 2019

…Tea and Ok, it was a few more than 2 chickens. I use to own a few chickens. They’d scratch around our garden and the kids and Bailey loved them. Sadly the fox got hold of them and that was that. But my love of them always remained so I thought I’d show off their beauty was some lovely photographs. These were photographed (have to stop using the word ‘Shoot’ when describing animal photography) at a collectors farm down the road. I’d expected some drama, but they did their part, stood fairly still and excepted the flashing as I photographed away. Many thanks to the farmer who helped catch, place and calm them for me.

Paul Clifton
About the Author

Based in Godalming in Surrey, his relaxed approached to people makes him a natural portrait photographer, shooting business headshots, personal portraits and lifestyle photographs for magazines.

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